Over the years, One Love Innovations has established a solid position as one of the leaders in the industry while building strong customer relationships. We will strive further to meet our customers’ needs by maintaining and strengthening our position in the market place with these strategies.

Growing market share of branded business by expanding product offerings and raising brand awareness

Our vertically integrated structure allows us to offer the latest designs and product lines for the ever-changing market trends. Our brand awareness is steadily enhancing with our exceptional customer service and various marketing programs.

Increasing and diversifying OEM business

Leveraging on our sophisticated manufacturing facilities, we can become the preferred OEM manufacturer for global furniture brands. As a trusted supplier for the furniture industry, we will continue to expand our business with consistently growing OEM customer base and increasing sales with our existing customers.

Expanding capacity in a timely and cost-effective manner

As our business grows, our production capacity will also be enhanced in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We have expanded our production and warehouse capacity to strengthen our production lines. Furthermore, we are constantly investing in our plants and machinery to improve capabilities and to sustain the quality and precision of equipment.

Growing through value-accretive acquisition strategies

Leveraging on our experience in successful acquisitions, we are capable and actively seeking for valuable acquisition opportunities which are appropriate to our business needs and strategies.

Improving operational efficiency and rationalizing costs

We have worked closely with our major raw materials and finished goods suppliers to increase procurement efficiencies and supply chain management to facilitate timely delivery at reduced prices. Our aim is to refine our distribution and logistics operations to decrease delivery times and increase flexibility of shipments. Our engineering and design teams are also working side by side to further improve efficiency and reducing costs of production.

Recruiting and training skilled personnel to enhance our team

We understand the success of any business depends on the success of the staff and management team. As our commitment to serve our customers as best we can, One Love Innovations is dedicated to recruiting, training and retaining skilled and experience people from around the world.